FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS At Vines Flowers we understand that saying goodbye to a loved one  is extremely difficult and a very sad occasion. Here at Vines we offer an extremely compassionate and sympathetic service and take time to listen to your individual requirements.

My team and I understand that flowers are the final gift of love and respect that you can give to a loved one

We have worked with many different clients over the years who would like to express their respect through individualized floral designs and have a wealth of knowledge from designing floral horses heads to beautiful stringed guitars . We are always here to advise you with personal design ideas.

At this very upsetting time we can offer to visit your home  and discuss the correct fitting tributes for your dearly departed or please call an order a design or alternatively please contact and make an appointment so one of my team can sit down with you quietly and discuss your individual needs.

Flowers allow us to show our respect in many different ways. At Vines Flowers we invite our clients to the shop the evening before to view their flowers and encourage clients if they wish to incorporate their own personal memorial objects  into an arrangement for example some people add letters they have written or small objects or photographs.

We deliver your flowers  to your chosen funeral director or other venues depending on your requirements.

After the funeral with the families permission we offer  a casket to posy service , we pick up the casket  spray and turn it into posies and return  the flowers to your wake for you to distribute to your relatives and friends.

We offer a very personal venue and wake floral display service

We also offer a caring follow up service for our clients using highly dedicated volunteers who  offer support and advise for our  bereaved clients . This is a very personal service and is individualized for each client for example some people just like us to ring them to say hi  and have a chat others like a volunteer to visit and help them find local trades people or we will attend funerals to help support our clients if for example they are on their own or need a gentle hand on the day.

If required we offer a grave cleaning service and floral tribute arrangement laying to mark special anniversaries . Please ask for details

Our dedication to our clients is so much more than  just the flowers.

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