Floral Arrangements

Our complete range of bouquets and arrangements are suitable for all occasions. Whether you need a bouquet for someone who likes to arrange their own display or need an arrangement that will look after itself, we have something to suit.

Presentation Bouquet from £25.00
This is a beautiful flat bouquet in your flower and colour choice wrapped and hand tied with a beautiful bow to co ordinate . Ideal gift for someone who enjoys arranging their own vase of flowers.

Hand tied Bouquet from£25.00

This style of bouquet in your  flower and colour choice  can be enjoyed straight away as it comes already arranged and can go straight into a vase!

Aqua Bouquet from £35.00

As a hand-tied bouquet in your flower and  colour choice but this display comes in its own bubble of water so your recipient can just receive them and enjoy them.

Living Vase Arrangement from £30.00

 A living vase arrangement is a lovely coloured box, finished with a coordinating bow, filled with an arrangement of flowers in oasis, using flowers and colours of your choice. A very easy arrangement to look after and enjoy.

Basket Arrangement from £20.00

Offering displays in a range of baskets

Planted Designs

Planted seasonal arrangements price dependent on season and plants available and container requested.

These  planted designs come in seasonal related containers

 Free delivery to Westham,  Hankham ,Pevensey, Pevensey Bay and Stonecross